Application for membership

To become a member of the Gold Coast Archery Club, you need to do the following.

  1. Complete a Come N Try held by the club or be approved by a club coach
    competent in the sport.
  2. Talk to the club’s Membership Officer, and obtain a copy of the club’s MEMBER INFORMATION BOOKLET.
  3. Take the booklet home and read it thoroughly, then fill out the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM and sign.
  4. Return the signed membership application form to the Membership Officer
    so it can 
    be co-signed and filed at the club.
  5. You are then welcome to register online as a club member.
  6. Once you become a paid member, you will then enter the Oz Bow program.


The Oz Bow Program is designed as a Step-by-Step performance program for new members
irrespective of age, gender or equipment. The program is intended to expose members to
low level social competition and allows them to develop their skills, before they join main
stream archery activities.