Basic overview of the day

Approximately 10:30am. Allocation of bow and stand.

  • Please meet the instructor at the clubhouse at 10:30am. It is important you arrive no later then 10:30am as to allow sufficient time for equipment fitting without delaying on field instructions. 
  • For insurance purposes, those people who have paid to attend the Come n Try will have to sign the Come n Try TEMPORARY MEMBERSHIP FORM. All minors will have to be signed in by their guardians.
  • If you are willing toparticipate in a group photo, please write YES in the box next to your signature on the Temporary membership form
  • Those people who are parents/guardians/ friends of those participating in the Come n Try, will need to sign the GENERAL ATTENDANCE BOOK as VISITORS so they are also covered by insurance. 
  • It is also very important that you decide whether you are right or left-handed before attending. 
  • Inside the clubhouse you will be issued with a right or left-handed recurve bow, which will be determined by your individual decision as to whether you are right or left-handed. 
  • The draw weight of the bow will be decided by the instructor, bearing in mind your physical capabilities.
  • You will also be issued with a bow stand. 

Approximately 11am-11:30am. Safety instructions, procedures and shooting techniques.

  • When all of the participants in the Come n try have been issued with a bow and stand, the instructor will then ask you to proceed in a group down to the field.
  • Please take a seat on the chairs provided and place your bow and stand next to you. 

Approximately 11:30am-12:30pm Controlled shooting commences.

  • When the safety requirements, procedures and shooting techniques are completed, controlled shooting will commence at 10 meters. 
  • As safety is our primary concern, any participant's shooting opportunities may be restricted if they fail to follow safety procedures.

Approximately 12:30pm

  • Hand out certificates for completion of the Come n Try.
  • Hand out 'What to do next forms' for those wishing to return in the future.