Basic overview of the day

Once you email: CLOSED  you will be given a tentative booking for 7 days, during which time payment will have to be made. Your payment will then be confirmed, and you will be placed on the participant's list for that Come n Try. 

ADDRESS            33 Golden Valley Road Tallebudgera Valley.

COST                     $50 per person.    (WHICH IS NON REFUNDABLE)

EQUIPMENT         is supplied by the club.

MINIMUM AGE   10 years old.

SAFETY REQUIREMENTS  Closed in footwear must be worn. No open footwear such as sandals or thongs are allowed under health and safety rules. Body piercings that may become entangled with the string or other parts of the bow, must be removed or covered appropriately. Appropriate clothing should be worn which is not too bulky or loose. We would therefore suggest a T-shirt with no beads or dangling objects, as these may also get entangled with the bowstring and possibly cause you injury. Please bring a HAT, BOTTLE OF WATER, UMBRELLA AND BUG REPELLENT.

Archery is an all-weather sport; the 'COME n TRY' will take place if there is rain.


  1. Please meet the instructor at the clubhouse by 8.00am.
  2. Sign in as a TEMPORARY MEMBER for insurance purposes.
  3. All minors will have to be signed in by their parents/guardians.
  4. All parents/guardians or friends of those participating in the ‘Come n Try’, will need to sign the general attendance book as VISITOR, so they are also covered by insurance.
  5. Please decide whether you are right or left-handed before attending.
  6. Inside the clubhouse you will be issued with a right or left-handed RECURVE BOW, which will be determined by your individual decision as to whether you are right or left-handed.
  7. The draw weight of the bow will be decided by the instructor, bearing in mind your physical capabilities.
  8. When all of the participants in the come n try have been issued with a bow and equipment, the instructor will then ask you to proceed as a group down to the field.
  9. The instructor will then show you where to place your archery equipment and how to set up your target on the archery range.



     When the safety requirements, procedures and shooting techniques are completed, controlled                  shooting will commence at 10 meters.



     As safety is our primary concern, any participant's shooting opportunities may be restricted if                  they fail to follow safety procedures.



  1. Put targets away.
  2. Return archery equipment to the clubhouse.
  3. ‘CERTIFICATES’ handed out for completion of the ‘Come n Try’.
  4. 'WHAT TO DO NEXT’ for those wishing to return next weekend.