1. How old do you need to be to start archery with Gold Coast Archery Club?
A: Minimum age is 10 years old.

2. When do you have your practice ?
A: Wednesdays 8am-12pm, Sundays 8am-1pm

3. How much does membership cost and what is included?
A: Please go to ‘Fees’ page to find all the answers.

4. Do you need to have your own equipment?
A: To start archery with us you don’t need your own equipment. You can rent basic bows from the club ($10 per practice) and when you are ready buy whatever you need. Don’t hesitate to ask more experienced club members for help to choose your first bow.

5. Can I just come and shoot?
A: If you had previous archery experience, please contact us via email first. If you never did archery before, please book Come n Try session with us.

6. When is your next Come n try session?
A: Please look to the right, box 'Register for Events Online' will give you an answer. If there is none listed it means that we are not planning any more Come n Try sessions this year.

7. The website will not allow me to book in a number of people for registration.
A: There aren’t enough places left in that Come n try day, please register for the next Come n Try.

8. Can I book in advance for any future Come n Try day listed in the calendar?
A: No. You can only book in for the registered Come n Try day as listed.