Rules and policies


Safety is our absolute priority at the club and all safety rules and policies MUST be followed.

For safety reasons, all participants must be wearing appropriate clothing and closed footwear.

The only people permitted to shoot at the club’s facilities are current financial club members, approved visiting archers or supervised temporary members undertaking an archery introduction course or approved guests.

Proof of membership may be required, always have your membership card with you. Non club members affiliated SQAS, or Archery Australia archers may shoot as an approved visitor, non-club or SQAS or Archery Australia affiliated persons must take out Temporary Membership.

Broadheads are strictly prohibited in all areas of Gold Coast Archery Club. 

When you join Gold Coast Archery Club Inc you are automatically a member of Archery Australia Inc (AA) and Archery South Queensland Inc (SQAS).

This club follows the rules (including shooting rules), the codes, policies, and relevant procedures of World Archery (FITA), AA and SQAS and you are bound by these rules etc.

Key Archery Australia rules such as - Code of Behaviour – Parents and Visitors, Code of Behaviour - Participants, Code of Ethics – Officials, Code of Ethics – Coaches can be found on the Archery Australia website

Non-compliance with the rules, codes, policies, and procedures may lead to disciplinary action which can include formal warning, special restrictions, withdrawal of privileges and awards, exclusion, fines, suspension and termination of membership or other disciplinary action as considered appropriate.

Non-compliance may also create an unsafe situation.

Member Protection

The club is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination, harassment, abuse, and other forms of inappropriate behaviour, the Committee is not there to solve an issue but is there to support you and give guidance as to who you should approach.